New Tariffs


The new rates give you more choice about how you use the bikes, and when.

  1. STANDARD RATE (current rate): you are taking the bike out for a ride. It is completely flexible to allow you to explore for whatever time and distance you like. (£2.50 per hour for all users).
  2. NIGHT OUT:  you don’t pay for the dead time that your bike is locked up, whilst you are doing something else such as watching a film, having a meal/drink etc. (£8 flat rate 6pm to 12am)
  3. TO & FRO: you don’t pay for the dead time, during the day, that your bike is locked up whilst you do something else such as going for a walk, swim, visiting friends, shopping etc. (£2 per hour for a minimum 4 hour block between 6am – 6pm)

The NIGHT OUT and TO & FRO packages are for people who will be doing low/hour mileages on the bikes. This is on trust so please don’t abuse the system!